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With Navjit as City Councillor for Wards 2&6, rest assured knowing Navjitwill fight for you and our community.


Meet Navjit

My name is Navjit Kaur and I am a proud Bramptonian. I was born and brought up in Brampton and am raising my three children with my partner in this city. As a healthcare worker I have seen firsthand how our city has been left behind and I refuse to accept that. 

Over the past 3 years, I’ve spoken to countless Bramptonians and the sentiment I hear  is that they are all hurting, they feel unheard, they feel left behind. With the rising cost of living It’s getting harder to raise and provide for your family in Brampton. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Wards 2 and 6 need a councillor who fights for the services that we need. Someone that raises the concerns of families at city hall and is open and transparent with the people of this city. 

As your city councillor I will fight for better services for all Bramptonians and ensure that your voices are heard at city hall.

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Navjit's Vision for Brampton

Bramptonians want a functioning city hall and not a circus. They want a council that delivers results and  when the residents of wards 2 and 6 elect me to city council that is will do. 

Brampton deserves better and Bramptonians want elected officials who fight for the services they need and raise their voices across all levels of government. As a city councillor I will fight  for better services and deliver results that Bramptonians have been asking for. 

What your neighbours are saying about Navjit

Navjit is a tireless activist for our city. She is committed to building safer communities and delivering the healthcare services Bramptonians deserve!

Harman Buttar

Navjit is a lovely human being. I met her while she was out knocking doors and talking to my neighbours. The first conversation I had with her it became apparent that she cares deeply for the city and I hope to see her fighting for us at City Hall. 

Shivani Gupta
Resident of Mount Pleasant

As a single mother, I know how hard it is to raise your children in Brampton. Everyday life gets more expensive and there is no relief. Navjit understands what it is like to raise a family and cares about the issues that affect normal people.  We need Navjit at City Hall! 

Darryl Coleburn
Resident of Wards 2&6

I’ve known Navjit ever since she began working as a respiratory therapist. I’ve seen firsthand how she took care of her patients in the midst of the worst outbreak of the pandemic. Navjit is a fighter and we’d be lucky to have her fighting for our city. 

Cheryl Shaw
Resident of Wards 2&6

I met Navjit at an event hosted by our local seniors club. Navjit understood the importance of local parks to seniors and the community that is built around them. I am strongly supporting Navjit Kaur in this upcoming municipal election.

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